Choose Best Gynecomastia Surgery Clinic and Surgeon in India

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Gynecomastia surgery at KAS Medical Center is performed to the highest clinical standards and supported by excellent support care.

We offer convenient appointments for your consultation to fit around your schedule and the best gynecomastia surgery for your individual needs.

Our Surgeon in India’s only Triple American Board certified surgeon – Diplomat American Board of Plastic Surgery and Diplomat American Board of General Surgery.

For more details and see before & after photographs our national & international patients.

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He is regarded as the best gynecomastia surgeon India due to his 26 years of surgical experience and being a Double American Board certified Plastic Surgeon. The search to get the best gynecomastia surgery leads you to have your male breast reduction Delhi. Dr. Ajaya Kashyap, your specialist gynecomastia surgeon in Delhi, may perform the procedure with liposuction and gland excision, or just liposuction alone.

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